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Primus arrives with a urban cut outfit

Posted on November 11 2019

Primus arrives with a urban cut outfit
Primus is a collection of MoneyDude,
a venture that was born
in Florida the last year

It is the first collection that
presents the corporation
focused on hats,
snapback style

The bold range of colors
distinguish Primus style

A touch of quality in urban
style for anyone
who likes the best clothing

The hats are part of
the Primus collection,
of MoneyDude

F & F Media Corp.- MoneyDude, established in Florida since 2018, bets on uniquely colored hats to complete the outfit of anyone.

According to its managers, the name of this collection refers to a Latin word that means "first." In this way, the Snapback model reaches the public with six bold and bright colors, giving the consumer a very distinctive and bold touch.

The colors biscuit, berry, navy, black, navy / red and heather gray, are the shades with which Primus comes to market, the first MoneyDude collection.

“We bet to decorate the heads of thousands of people who like to wear a piece of quality, original and urban. In the future, it is intended to cover different types of clothing, ”said Carlos Pérez, one of the entrepreneurs of the venture, president and CEO of the company.

For now, the platform is available online 24/7 and accepts the most common payment methods in North America.

To order one of the pieces, go to

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